Katherine Aphaivongs (Kat)

แคทเทอร์รีน อภัยวงศ์ (แคท)

"To see someone take a bite of my food and all I hear is 'mmmm,'  gives me the best feeling in the world."

Katherine Aphaivongs, or Chef Kat, was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, to an American mother and a Thai father. She is a serial entrepreneur with experiences in insurance, e-commerce, and her latest venture with the successful City Skyline – American Diner in Bangkok, Thailand.

Chef Kat moved to Louisville, Kentucky, in June of 2017 to be closer to her mother. Her passion for food has led her to continue in the food and beverage industry, thus, starting Yummy Catering. After hands on experience teaching clients how to cook Thai food in their own homes, Chef Kat sees bigger potential at growing the business into a full service restaurant while maintaining the personal touch of in-home teaching opportunities.